Please feel free to download the documents below to help you gain more understanding of your unique personality.


Free Stress Test 

Use this free stress test to find out if you are stressed or if you are managing the stress in your life effectively.


Free Emotional Scale

Use this emotional scale to understand where you are emotionally each day and how this affects your energy levels.


NLP Preferred Representational System

Use this free test to discover your preferred representational system.


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I can also produce hypnotherapy recordings for you to listen to in the comfort of your own home and below is a list of some of the recordings available for you to purchase. I am continually updating the recordings available so if there is something you are interested in that isn’t listed please get in touch. The recordings are £30 each and I also offer personalised recordings for £55, these are specifically tailored to you and include a free phone consultation.


Personalised Recordings – £55


Recordings below – £30


A small example of some of the recordings currently available:


Alcohol Moderation
Anger Management
Emotional Calm
Good Health
Healthy Eating
Improve Mood
Nail Biting
Obsessive Thoughts
Positive Thinking
Release Fears
Social Anxiety
Stop Worrying
Weight Loss


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