I offer both online and face-to-face sessions and provide a FREE initial consultation to assess the improvement you can expect and how many sessions may be needed.


The consultation is crucial to the success of your treatment; it gives you an opportunity to ask any questions to ensure my therapy is the right one for you and it gives me an opportunity to get more information on your specific issue and what you hope to achieve from the treatment. Most importantly the treatment and overall strategy is unique to your specific needs, meaning the therapy is far more effective and will produce faster results for you.


My sessions are approximately 1 hour and payment is due in full at the end of each session.


Initial Consultation = FREE

All future sessions = £55


I take payment in advance of sessions by bank transfer, or at the end of sessions by cash or cheque. There are no upfront costs and you do not have to commit to a number of sessions.


A number of private health cash plans also reimburse members for Hypnotherapy, covering part or all of the costs of treatment. It is worth checking with your provider to see if this is possible for your treatment.




My smoking cessation treatment package is extremely comprehensive and provides you with different tools and techniques to help you become a non smoker.


Initial Consultation = FREE

2 hour session = £150


You will receive copies of all handouts used and Hypnotherapy recordings.




I specialise in weight reduction and my weight reduction programme has been featured on Heart and Smooth FM radio stations.


Initial Consultation = FREE

All future sessions = £55



Call today to book your FREE initial consultation and take that first step to taking control.



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