Lose Weight

Combining Hypnotherapy with NLP and Stress Management techniques can help you to lose and permanently manage your weight.


The aims of hypnotherapy are to treat on a subconscious level the underlying causes that can act as a barrier to weight loss, e.g. eating habits, comfort eating, lack of motivation and any underlying emotional or psychological issues. Overcoming negative eating habits can be challenging – whilst our conscious mind is aware of what we need to do breaking this cycle can be difficult because our habits are stored in the subconscious mind. It is the subconscious mind that hypnotherapy focuses on.


The NLP techniques support the hypnotherapy by providing you with conscious tool and techniques that can help you remove the desire for certain foods or control cravings.


Sometimes issues related to weight can be a symptom of managing a stressful and busy life. Stress management support can ensure you are not using food to cope with or manage the stress in your life.


All the therapies can be beneficial in addressing many different negative eating habits e.g. large portion sizes, snacking, eating quickly, excessive alcohol consumption, irregular eating patterns and comfort eating.


Exercise can also be a very effective strategy in maintaining your weight loss. The techniques can help you feel more motivated towards increasing your physical activity.


Imagine how wonderful you will feel when you the tools and techqniues to support you to change your eating and exercise habits and lose weight permanently.


Take that first step towards reaching your ideal weight – call today for your free consultation.


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