Stress Management

Stress management is a process of addressing everyday strains and problems by using techniques to aid you in dealing with them sensibly and easily, helping you to avoid stress build up and anxiety.


Stress occurs when people have excessive pressures or demands placed on them. The pressures can come from many different sources (e.g. work, redundancy, family responsibilities, illness and addictions etc.) and the combined effect is overwhelming. This has a negative impact on our body and mind resulting in long term problems including high blood pressure, palpitations, panic attacks and depression.


The process of stress management shows you how it is possible to cope with life in a different, more positive way.


Stress management can be effectively combined with the other therapeutic techniques I use including Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Coaching to benefit individuals. I tailor the techniques to the specific issue you are seeking help for.


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Improve your life with Stress Management


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