As a prospective client you may find it helpful to read some of the comments below from my clients. Client confidentiality is paramount so clients have stated how they would like their name displayed and the content you see is their personal subjective experience and outcomes in their own words. I would like to thank all the clients for taking the time to submit comments.

*Details on the NCH Code of Ethics I adhere to are listed at the end of the page


Weight Control

I now have a normal relationship with food and I have learnt to eat when my body is hungry and not just because my mind wants something to soothe my emotions!  I can say ‘no’ to food and drink with empty calories and my weight is slowly going down. My eating is under control and my diet is so much better and healthier than it was before when I ate junk food and chocolate like it was going out of fashion!


Sharrie is a lovely, compassionate person who listens to you and makes you feel at ease.  She explains clearly what to expect and how to make positive changes  It’s not just about hypnotherapy either. There are other coping techniques that Sharrie teaches you in order to help to get you where you want to be. Plus, you learn that you need to do a lot for yourself to arrive at your final destination! Thank you for making my sessions with you fun, enjoyable and very memorable!


Stuttering and Tic Nerve

To deal with any outside stress or worries which were aggravating a tic nerve and causing me to stutter and make short term memory issues worse. The stutter has now gone and the Tic is manageable. 


Sharrie creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere and gives expert instruction on relaxation and breathing techniques.

Roy A


Sleep Disorder

It has helped for me to understand the reason for what was happening and helped me to stop it happening. Since the sessions I attended with Sharrie there have been no re-occurrences of the problems.


Needle Phobia

I have suffered needle phobia for many years. It came to a head when I discovered that I required numerous injections for my honeymoon and I finally decided to seek help. On arrival Sharrie was welcoming, friendly and understanding of my phobia and detailed all the ways in which she could help me overcome it. She explained how fear works and how our body responds in these situations. During my session we went through some breathing and muscle control techniques that I found to be useful in helping me keep my phobia and mind under control. We then did a 40-minute relaxation and hypnotherapy session that also taught me how to be completely relaxed and under control.


I went to have my injections the week after my session, I practised all the techniques that we went through in the lead up to it and this helped me immensely. I managed to go into the doctors room without having a panic attack for the first time in years and I didn’t faint. This was a massive achievement and I cannot thank Sharrie enough. I will continue to use these techniques to keep this under control should I require any further injections. Thank you so much Sharrie.


Stopping Smoking

I was a 20 a day smoker who had tried patches and tablets without success. I found Sharrie on the internet and thought what do I have to lose other than a bad habit. I found the initial meeting very helpful and realized it may actually work as it made sense. Sharrie set me home work to log my routines and identify when I smoked and reasons I smoked and also the reasons I wanted to stop. On the day of the session, the 1st hour was spent taking through the techniques to use to change the habit and relieve the cravings. The actual hypno session was very relaxing and worked, as since that day I haven’t smoked a cigarette at all. As a person who has no or very little will power I was a sceptical of this working but nothing else I had tried did so what why not try. I was the best £150 I have ever spent. I am so happy to be a non smoker and be free from the cigarettes I have the control now and it feels great.


Weight Loss

From the first session I started noticing a difference – by helping me to relax and change my lifestyle and habits you have given me a new lease of life in almost all areas. Not only have have I lost weight I’d thought would never go, I’ve let go of issues that were holding me back and gained confidence in my abilities.


When I thought about hypnotherapy previously I was concerned but your calm and unobtrusive manner instantly enabled me to embrace the methods you showed me and allowed the results I see and feel today to flow. Thank you for everything.

M. Morley

Alcohol Reduction

I have been able to reduce the amount and the frequency of Alcohol that I am consuming, at the start I was drinking large amounts every day, I am now drinking 1 or 2 glasses only a few times a week. I feel more able to cope and alcohol isn’t controlling my daily life anymore, I am in control!

Sharrie helped me work towards my goal and I was always made to feel at ease and comfortable, never forced into anything I hadn’t wanted. Sharrie was very friendly and easy to talk to. I wasn’t really sure at the start if this was going to work for me as I only wanted to reduce my Alcohol Intake, and not give it up completely, but I am glad I persevered and am totally happy with the results.

Mrs A


Anxiety – specifically about a Driving Test

It helped me to stay calmer when in/on any public transport or vehicle, not just when I’m driving, which is such an amazing feeling. I also learnt how to control my breathing, and this particularly helps me when I’m feel anxious or trying to get to sleep. 

I would highly recommend this hypnotherapist, and I have continued to listen to the CD’s, which help massively.



Fear of Wind Turbines

The most important help is that I can now drive far more safely, not having to physically close my eyes when seeing wind turbines whilst out and about. Previously, I have become almost frozen as a driver – gripping the steering wheel and not being able to move my eyes but to look ahead to provide a “tunnel” through the sight of the wind turbines. Now, instead, I can look at them without any fear at all – in fact, I almost enjoy watching them. If they are on TV or within an image on social media I don’t have to switch over or close the application. I can drive without any fear or panic – no matter if it’s seeing wind turbines I know about or seeing those I haven’t ever come across before. Rather than making me feel “daft” about my fear, Sharrie accepted it was my own fear and it wasn’t something to be mocked. I appreciated the way she made me feel comfortable, provided support by text during the time between appointments and was genuinely pleased for me when I realised – quite unexpectedly – I was no longer frightened of wind turbines. 


Sharrie took time to explain how fear works – that it isn’t something you can control. This helped me come to terms with my own fear as, in the past, I have been mocked and so would always tell people it was “stupid”. Sharrie’s explanation taught me that fear isn’t stupid, daft or any other negative comment. It’s there for a reason. I would advise anyone with a fear – whether rational or irrational – to have a session with Sharrie. Having the first appointment without cost allows you both to learn if there is something you can work with, rather than having to commit immediately.


Andrea Walker

Separation Anxiety

I have recently been able to take 2 very different exciting holidays without feeling ill. This enabled me to enjoy both holidays without being anxious about leaving my family behind. I also found I enjoyed the travel, not worrying about flying and even sitting near the window.

T Bluck 

Emotional Control – Wedding Speech

I got in touch with Sharrie because I wanted help to control my emotions. My daughter was getting married and I did not want to spoil the day by breaking down during the Father of the Bride Speech. We had 3 sessions and on the day I delivered my speech and did not break down. A heartfelt thank you to Sharrie.


Stress and Life Challenges

I was in a dreadful place before meeting with Sharrie as my husband’s dementia was worsening and it had been necessary for me to give up work, age 55. I had reached rock bottom and I was a mess. I was put at ease the moment I walked through Sharrie’s door and as soon as I set eyes on her, I knew that I was in the right place. Sharrie is extremely professional, knowledgeable and resourceful, as well as being approachable, empathetic and kind. My sessions were tailor made, relevant, informative and so incredibly helpful. I cannot recommend Sharrie highly enough.


Tools, techniques and helpful ideas and comfort came in abundance. The printouts, personal notes and Cd’s given to me after each session were invaluable and enabled me to continue her good work until I saw her again. These treasures will continue to be used. Sharrie you have helped me in more ways than I realised I needed help with and in doing so, you have helped my husband too. I cannot thank you enough.



Self Esteem and Anxiety

Although I had previously read books and watched videos about NLP and how in control of our happiness we actually are, I still had an unshakeable feeling of self-doubt and low self-worth. I realised there is a difference between knowing the information and actually applying it, which is difficult to do when reading from a book. I wasn’t sure if hypnotherapy would be the answer or if it actually works, but I gambled and I couldn’t be more grateful that I did.


Sharrie helped me to realise that my constant analysis of myself during conversations and situations was born out of a stress response. The initial aim during the first few sessions was to lower my stress levels and then begin building my self-esteem back up. She opened my eyes to the negative bias we all have and where this stems from. As well as providing hypnotherapy recordings to use at home, she taught me several techniques to help identify and change negative thought processes. With everything combined, I am now in a much better place within myself. I am more confident, positive and self-aware. I would recommend Sharrie to anyone facing personal issues, as they really do hold us back from our full potential and it doesn’t have to be the case.



Depression and Weight Reduction 

I just wanted to thank you for all of the help you have given me. With your help my life has taken a massive turn for the better, since I became tea total, on your advice, my depression got better and better and at the moment seems to be at bay.  I now recognise when I need to rest. I put my makeup on and do my hair every day as a matter of fact it is not an effort.  I’m no longer exhausted all the time and have the energy to do my housework and enjoy going out. I am so much happier and feel I owe it all to your help, I cannot thank you enough.


As as per your suggestion I am no longer dieting, instead my husband and I recently started eating low carb, high fat, low sugar, it is early days but so far I have stopped binge eating and my sugar cravings have gone (I’ve also lost a few lbs), this is all a massive achievement and step forward. Once again thank you so much for making me happy again.




I was feeling unwell for many months. Having been to the doctors numerous time and having lots of blood test, which all came back fine, the Doctor said I was suffering with Anxiety! I didn’t understand the diagnosis or indeed know why I had suddenly developed this condition! The Doctors was very unhelpful other than providing me with websites to read up on. The website suggested Hypnotherapy as a good way to manage the condition which bought me to find Sharrie.


I was very nervous about my first session as I didn’t understand what was going to happen. Sharrie was very welcoming and calming. She helped me understand what was happening to me and after taking and Anxiety test, the result was that I was suffering from extreme Anxiety! We worked through this with various techniques to include Hypnotherapy, CBT, Thought stopping techniques to name a few. I was also given new Hypnotherapy recordings to listen to at home each week, which I love!


I didn’t take long for me to feel like myself again, I am now managing my Anxiety and it all thanks to Sharrie, she really is a miracle worker! I still listen to the recordings as it completely relaxes me after a busy day!


If you have any reservations or fears over Hypnotherapy, don’t! Give it a go, I am so glad I did!



Sports Performance

I took my daughter to see Sharrie as we needed help with keeping her head whilst playing badminton. My daughter had all the shots but was losing from getting frustrated and then having no control of her shots. Sharrie has taught her to keep calm and controlled with techniques to do whilst playing and to use against distractions from her opponents. Sharrie also gave her several cd’s to use before a game or short ones inbetween games and my daughter loves to listen to one before bed every night.


My daughter has improved considerably, Sharrie’s help was just what we needed. 



Anxiety/Self Harm

Sharrie helped me overcome the anxiety I’ve had since I was 16 (currently 24) by helping me break old thought patterns. I’d read a lot on the subject and already knew quite a bit about what I was suffering with, I just didn’t necessarily know why. Sharrie helped me realise that I could have all the knowledge in the world, but it didn’t mean anything if I wasn’t putting it into action. 


Her meditations helped greatly and so did the paper handouts, but you have to put the effort in! Making new daily routines incorporating the meditations and positive affirmations I learnt from Sharrie will be something I do for the rest of my life. 


I’ve been to countless therapists before through the NHS, and have always left feeling exactly as I did at the start and made no progress. Nothing about the sessions is clinical and cold like I’ve felt with previous therapists, it’s a comfortable and very ‘safe’ experience. There’s no pressure and everything is done at your own pace. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who has tried and failed with other methods. I suffered for almost 8 years, and had many times where I wanted to throw in the towel and give up. But now I’m free, and so excited to live the life I missed out on and see this beautiful world that we live in!


To anyone still in limbo as to whether it will work for them, believe that it will, that you have a chance, and give Sharrie a call! 


Stress and Anxiety

The hypnotherapy was very calming and provided an opportunity to relax and switch off from the stress and anxiety. The techniques we covered have helped me manage the stress and prepare for things which I worry about in advance. I am much more able to manage the day to day stress now. Sharrie has helped me so much with this. She has a very calm manner and is very easy to work with. I would highly recommend Sharrie to anyone who is considering hypnotherapy. 


Philippa Dytham-Double 

Coping with Bereavement

You accompanied me as I adjusted to the next stage in my life. Although still grieving I now feel able to cope with lifes challenges and when having a bad day the CD’s help me regain a balance


Sleep Problems and Anxiety

The hypnosis sessions helped me focus on relaxing my mind into a more receptive state whereby I could concentrate on the strategies given to me to improve my anxiety. This has helped me improve my sleep problem a great deal. The combination of hypnosis sessions, strategies and C.D’s to use at home has improved my life a hughe amount. Many thanks.


I would recommend trying hypnosis. It is an excellent way to focus your mind and re-train it to improve your life.

Chris Mac


I sought help from Sharrie to help me deal with anxiety and panic attacks that were affecting my daily life and ability to cope. Sharrie helped me to over come this with various techniques that I could take away and practice as well as listening to CDs. The therapy as been incredibly helpful in overcoming my anxiety and I would strongly recommend Sharrie. Thank you.



Physical Health Problem

Helped to deal with symptoms and persevere with good habits. I chose Sharrie because, having an appropriate degree myself, I wanted someone with all the correct qualifications and experience. 



Drinking Heavily

A combination of the hypnotherapy and general counselling really help to identify ways in which I can control my drinking and whilst the aim was not to stop drinking completely I have certainly cut down by a huge amount and to a level I feel more comfortable with.

Mr S



I cannot thank Sharrie enough for how much more confident, calm and happy I feel after the sessions I had with her. Sharrie always goes at your pace, makes you feel relaxed during the sessions and makes then individual to you. I remember feeling so nervous before my first session that I almost gave up on the idea but I’m so so glad I didn’t – hypnotherapy isn’t a magic cure but Sharrie sees the magic in you and your power to change.

I left every session feeling amazingly light and smiling, and excited to try the new techniques Sharrie gave me. I now feel empowered to deal with the challenges better on my own and I don’t think I have felt this healthy physically for a long long time. Sharrie is a lovely, genuine and calming person – thank you so much for helping me feel ready to live my life!



Addiction to Nicorette Chewing Gum

I had become addicted to chewing Nicorette and thought I would never be able to manage without it – it had been an addiction for 20 years. Sharrie gave me the techniques to handle any compulsion to chew and empowered me to challenge my behaviour. The hypnotherapy definitely helped me as did the tapes I listened to at night. Sharrie explained what addiction was and that ‘will power’ was a myth. Understanding what drove my addiction it helped me enormously to overcome the use of chewing gum. 


I am absolutely delighted to have achieved my goal – a huge thank you.



Severe Anxiety, OCD

Helped me to understand how associated links and past trauma can cause anxiety to become extremely all consuming.


Thank you for your no-nonsense approach to unlocking the potential of my mind and helping me understand myself much better. The CDs are really useful and supportive.




The hypnotherapy helped calm down my response to the anxiety I was experiencing, which started following a series of stressful events over a number of years. The things I used to do to relax (watch TV or read a book) weren’t actually inducing a real relaxation response. My heart rate noticeably decreased after even 20 minutes of hypnosis. The CBT techniques I learnt helped me to cope with stressors as and when they appeared in my daily life. It has been over 6 months since my last session and the anxiety has almost gone.


Sharrie’s work with me has really helped me to get back to my usual self. I trusted her immediately – she is kind and understanding, yet still challenged me, which was exactly what I needed.




Stress management, anxiety management, confidence, wanting to feel more like myself

From my sessions at Think Hypno, I have learnt many helpful techniques that I can use in everyday life, which I feel have made a remarkable difference. By attending these sessions, it has also allowed me to think about and appreciate what is important to me and to help me understand myself better. As well as hypnotherapy and techniques, simply talking at the sessions and getting things off my chest has been extremely helpful.


It took me a while to actually book my first session, but from the first moment of my first session Sharrie made me feel at ease and in a comfortable and confidential environment. Sharrie is incredibly supportive and caring and I would thoroughly recommend Think Hypno to anyone, no matter how small or large the issue. Thank you for your help Sharrie. 





It gave me a lot more confidence just from talking about it and using the CDs and therapy you provided has absolutely changed my world. I feel like me again. My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner!


Absolutely fantastic way to make you feel like yourself again and overcome your issues without the need of any medicines, completely natural way of feeling great again.




Panic attacks while travelling on the roads, inability to relax and general feeling of being out of control

I found that the breathing exercised together with listening to the CD’s helped me to relax, especially in the car. You showed me how to find peaceful places within myself which enabled me to rationalize situations.


I never realised how helpful hypnotherapy could be and was a little skeptical initially. I can now say that I would recommend anyone with problems they cannot address themselves to give it a try.

Jackie C


Stress and Confidence

Sharrie helped me with mindfulness and visualization techniques. We also worked on boundaries (setting them) which was very helpful. 


Sharrie is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and warm. Oh, and very supportive.



Confidence and Life Coaching

Just having someone impartial to talk to made all the difference to me, someone who listened and made observations, together with sound advice, put me back on track to becoming the person I once was, more confident, worthwhile and considered. I now see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! Thank you so much Sharrie. 


Karen A


Phobias (including dogs and flying)

I’ve spent years avoiding situations that I knew would send me into panic and I have not reacted well in the past when I have had to face them. I am therefore so pleased that I finally sought help to address my difficulties and to understand why the body reacts as it does in different situations. I believe this was the key to helping me learn to keep a lid on my anxiety along with the many methods Sharrie has taught me to use whenever I need, especially the CDs and CBT.


I would not hesitate to recommend Sharrie as a therapist. She has helped me massively to move forward positively in life. And for the first time ever, I know how to properly relax! 




Loss of Confidence

It has helped me to relax more and to analyse my thoughts and feelings and to work at changing them.


Sharrie you have been extremely understanding and caring in your work with me, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me to get my life back on track!


Ms Wood 


Fear of Flying

The sessions helped me to train myself to relax and reduce anxiety using a range of easy techniques. The CDs were so helpful in relaxing me before and during the flight and for the first time ever I was able to relax enough to sleep! I am looking forward to travelling further in the future now.


I was impressed with how personalised the sessions were and how Sharrie explained strategies/techniques to me so that I understood where my fears were coming from and how to limit their effect on me.


J Walley


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The work we have done has really helped me, my anxiety is the lowest it has been 7 years. Through breathing techniques and hypnotherapy this has really helped me manage my anxiety and helped me to start living a normal life. 


I would just like to thank you for all your help and time.

Katy Wailes


Depression and Anxiety

I’ve been suffering from depression and anxiety for nearly 4 years, I had received two bursts of CBT on the NHS and for just over a year I’d been trying a variety of antidepressants to find some that worked for me. I began to feel very desperate and decided it was time to try something different. I looked online and found Sharrie on a website and after reading her portfolio, viewing her website and reading reviews from other people she had helped I decided to get in touch.


Sharrie was very friendly and instantly I felt like I could confide in her, something I hadn’t felt with any of the NHS therapists I’d worked with. We did some hypnotherapy and each time I saw her I was given a new CD to use at home. These Cd’s helped me relax when I felt my mood was becoming out of control and also helped me get to sleep.


 As well as hypnotherapy I was given numerous sheets filled with techniques and skills to help with things like, thought stopping, confidence and assertiveness. All things I were struggling with, this helped as they were completely new techniques I hadn’t been taught before, and I felt the whole process was much more personal than the therapies I had tried before.


My mood now is dramatically different to how I felt when I first reached out to Sharrie. I like the fact that if I feel like I’m drifting back I have a folder full of techniques and CD’s to help. I also like the fact that I know if I’m ever struggling I can just give Sharrie a call and arrange an appointment.


Sharrie is very friendly and welcoming, she is easy to talk to and confide in. After a few sessions I felt more like I was going to see a friend rather than a therapist, and she has helped change my life.






I now have tools to use to help me manage my anxiety, shut off negative thoughts and better deal with the emotions that I face when I become anxious. CDs have been really helpful to aid with relaxation. The great thing is that the tools that Sharrie has equipped me with can be used during the day, in an office environment, without anybody knowing.


I found Sharrie really easy to talk to, brilliant at explaining concepts so that I could understand more about what was going on (i.e. why I was in the position that I was in), but also how the tools that she was giving me to use would help me. I have really benefited from the sessions that I have had with Sharrie and would highly recommend Sharrie to anyone who is seeking support with anxiety.


Mrs Roberts 


Fear of Flying and Anxiety 

I now sleep better and am able to sleep the night through without waking several times/ waking and having a panic attack. I was able to go on holiday with my partner and his family for a wedding, which I had been considering back out of because my fear of flying was so intense. I had 6 flights to do in total, including two 13 hour flights. I was able to stay calm in the lead up to the trip and was the calmest I have ever been on a flight. I was able to drink water and get up from my seat – neither of which I have ever been able to do before. I was able to enjoy my holiday without spending the whole time worrying about the ‘next flight’ and have experiences I would have never been able to have otherwise (including coming back from our trip engaged!).


I am extremely grateful to Sharrie and the help she has given me, and I am so proud of what I achieved by just stepping on to a plane. Worth every penny – I never once felt silly, embarrassed or uncomfortable and with each session noticed the progress I was making. Thank you so much. The exciting part now is my partner and I can talk about where in the world we might like to go for our honeymoon – without worrying about flights. A conversation neither of us imagined would ever be possible!! Thank you.




Lack of Confidence and Anxiety

It has helped me to think more positively, to have more self confidence in myself. Breathing exercises to control my anxiety levels when at their peak. It’s also helped me to have more self-esteem about myself and how others may perceive me. I feel more at ease in situations that before I feared, before I went to see Sharrie.


Sharrie instantly makes you feel at ease and comfortable to share your inner fears. She is a very friendly and calming person, has a positive attitude and believes in you. Very warm person and undertsanding.

Dianne Lawson


Flying Phobia – Child

You will remember that seeing the plane was the first point of panic for her in the past, not now, she sat in front of the window with the plane visible and was fine, no trouble getting on the plane and was very excited on the flight. She stated that it felt brilliant to enjoy flying without being worried, she looked out of the window constantly and was in awe as she saw the sights of Portugal as we came into land.  Our holiday was fab. The return flight was just a little bumpy but she reasoned through why the plane did this and was fine. We are already planning a trip in 2016 to New York that she is very excited about too!
I am so grateful for your time in the sessions, I feel the world has opened up for her!
DE from Derby


Low Self-Esteem and Insomnia

I realise I have lived for many years doing things I really didn’t want to do. Starting to be more positive and learning to say NO.

Mark Smith 


Anxiety and Stress

Well what can I say, I wished I had found you sooner…..Sharrie is very professional, with a wealth of knowledge particularly in treating Anxiety and Stress conditions. I felt at ease and confident that I had found the right person to assist me in my recovery after suffering for a number of years.


The CD’s are very useful and can be used many months or years down the line if you require them. I would not hesitate in recommending Sharrie to anybody else – Thank you.



Issues from the Past

The work I am doing is helping me deal with many issues, that have made me feel isolated, depressed, insecure etc. Slowly by using the information, CD’s, hypno and therapy talking, I have a greater understanding and I am coming to the present rather than being in the past.


Sharrie is a real wonderful person who makes you feel at ease, non-judgemental, compassionate, caring, kind and excellent at her work. I would recommend anyone to her. Such a lovely person and brilliant at her work. Very genuine. 10/10.

 Ms D Brown



Tic following an unprovoked assault, Fear of Heights, Stress Management

The help and support provided has removed the issues that were affecting me and I now have clear coping mechanisms to assist in the day to day stresses of life. Sharrie’s programme of hypnotherapy and wider coping mechanisms have ensured that I have better mental health than at any time in the last 30 years. I wish I had done this years ago!


Sharrie’s approach put me at ease straight away and each and every session has been tailored to ensure the maximum benefit is derived. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone and everyone from the most complex of issues to simply wanting to improve their day to day mental health.

Paul Moran



Anxiety and Stress

Hypnotherapy and the CBT Techniques have helped me to manage any periods of anxiousness or stress. The anxiety and stress that I experience have decreased in both severity and frequency. I no longer avoid new experiences for fear of how my body will react. I am able to enjoy life more and don’t spend time and energy worrying.


I was sceptical about hypnotherapy at first, but after years of suffering and being told by my GP that there was not a lot they could do to help me, I felt I had nothing to lose. I am really happy that I sought treatment and cannot recommend Sharrie enough – she has been wonderful throughout this process.

H McDonald



Increase Sales Results and Overcoming Rejection

Helped understand that accepting failure is part of success. People reject the product/opportunity and not me personally. Improved my understanding of communication skills and to remember that all people need to be valued and understood.


Sharrie is a great listener and always helps you find the best solution to any issue. I look forward to my sessions and will continue with them as I continue my journey to reaching my full potential.


K Hughes


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I was immediately put at ease during the initial consultation due to Sharrie’s friendly yet professional nature. I was nervous to begin hypnotherapy but haven’t looked back since. It has changed my outlook on things that used to bring on my anxiety and panic attacks and has truly helped me to put things into perspective.


Sharrie’s encouragement throughout the treatment is wonderful and really helps you when you are having a difficult time. The techniques and CDs that can be use outside of the session have been very valuable to me, the techniques especially have become part of a daily routine. Really couldn’t thank Sharrie enough.





Working with Sharrie has given me the tools I need to help me cope with my anxiety. After each session I left feeling uplifted and much more relaxed. I love listening to the CD’s at home and always feel ready to get going afterward. Having hypnotherapy has also inspired me to change my lifestyle, now I’m working towards a more natural and holistic approach to all aspects of my life. Working with Sharrie has turned my life around. Thank you!



Phobia of Ships 

The hypnotherapy and other techniques helped me to understand what had caused my fear and I learnt how to overcome it. The therapy not only conquered my phobia of ships but also helped with other negative emotions such as anxiety, nervousness, panic. I am now much calmer and can deal with life’s emotions through breathing and positive thoughts. The CD’s were a huge benefit and enable me to sleep soundly.


I cannot thank you enough Sharrie for giving me a new lease of life! I never dreamed that I would, or could, overcome my phobia, which was beginning to impact on how I carried out everyday life and in some instances was becoming dangerous (when driving!). I can proudly confirm that I have now been on a cruise and was not afraid at all – in fact I didn’t feel any emotion at all when seeing, standing next to or being on board a ship! I cannot recommend the therapy high enough which is performed by such a lovely lady!



Pain Management

Helped me cope with chronic back pain using a variety of techniques. Found it helps a lot and Sharrie was very professional. Many thanks.




Definitely helped me relax and put things in perspective. Built confidence!


Sharrie is really friendly and puts you at ease. Highly recommend the service – the first step to a new life! Thank you!




Eating Problems and Low Self-Esteem

After dealing with eating and low self-esteem problems for years a friend recommended Sharrie to me. Right from the start I had total confidence and trust in Sharrie. It was such a revelation and relief to be able to talk about my problem and being shown techniques and suggestions to help me feel strong, confident, in control and not fearing the future.


This also without a doubt helped me achieve the glory of a first marathon!


So thank you so much Sharrie and you are still with me in the wonderful CD’s.

Mrs P



Nail Biting

I think the most positive experience was that I suddenly became very conscious of my actions and therefore able to hinder my nail biting. It surprised me how much of the work we did together, I was quickly able to apply to my habits. A very good experience indeed.



Weight and Alcohol Reduction

I now feel that I am more in control of my eating and drinking habits. I also am now able to use techniques, which Sharrie has explained, to help me relax!



Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Low Self-Esteem

After suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks and low self-esteem for many years calling Sharrie and asking for help has been life changing. Sharrie has given me the methods to deal with my issues and move forward with my life in a positive way. My confidence has grown immensely to the point of setting up and running my own business. I now feel I have the tools and methods to cope with all of life’s challenges.


Throughout all of our consultations I have found Sharrie to be caring, supportive and extremely professional. I would have no hesitation recommending Sharrie, in fact I already have. If you are a little unsure if this type of treatment is for you, call Sharrie and have a chat. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Believe me I know.


L Mason


Stop Drinking and Weight Loss

It has helped me Stop Drinking, not even wanting to have a drink. I don’t feel deprived in any way.  Sharrie also helped me to gain control over my weight. So two problems now solved. I look and feel amazing. To anyone thinking about hypno and Sharrie JUST BOOK IT!


N Simone

Driving Phobia

Thank you for helping me with my driving. This has definitely made me happier with my driving, if I hadn’t come to see you I would not have been driving now.

Jackie B



Working with Sharrie has helped with my anxiety. The tools and techniques are very helpful. I felt comfortable with Sharrie and it was like she was the first person that listened and understood where I was coming from.



Weight Reduction

I feel it has helped me understand how to deal with certain emotions that make you feel at a low, and comfort eat to make yourself feel better. I have been given good advice on what tools to use to overcome these emotions. I would recommend Sharrie to my friends and family.

G Bishop


Pain Management

It has given me the techniques to stop myself/mind from dwelling on the negatives. It has also helped me to be able to relax my body which is always tense. It has made me aware of bad habits which contribute to my pain and how to combat these. The CD’s help me to relax or sleep when either my body or mind is unable to.

S Mole


Coaching and Motivation

Going to Think Hypno and meeting Sharrie has given me the confidence I needed to set up my new business. It has taught me to be comfortable in myself and not to hide the talents I have for fear of being mocked by others. I would not hesitate to recommend her as I feel she gave me my old self back and now I am happy and content, a feeling I had lost for a while. 



Pain and Insomnia

I found Sharrie Manno very helpful for the pains I have suffered over many years after seeking many other treatments. The pains are still there but the breathing and the CD’s help me sleep at night.

Sheila Warrington


Depression and Weight Loss

I suffered with depression and weight problems for many years and felt It was time to get back my life back on track. Sharrie has helped me to do just that and I feel great. The tools and techniques are so straight forward and gives a sense of control back almost immediately. The Cds are so relaxing and make it enjoyable to listen to in your own time. Sharrie makes you feel at ease straight away and gives you the confidence to achieve your goals. I would recommend you go and see Sharrie if you need some help. It’s the best thing I did.



Stress Management and Chronic Pain

It was so good to be able to talk through things which are on my mind.



Anxiety and Phobia

I had been having anxiety problems for almost a year before I contacted Sharrie. I felt comfortable straight away and she was very understanding to my slightly peculiar phobias! I found my anxiety decreased dramatically and even though it has not completely disappeared I am in a much better situation to manage any episodes I now have (which are far less frequent!). Thanks Sharrie!

M Brown


Interview Performance and Confidence

Techniques for breathing help me remain calm. Counting backwards from 100 (Deeply deeply deeply relaxed) helps me to sleep. “STOP Clap” is helping my negative thought patterns. Generally felt that I was much more calm and confident in interview than I normally would have been. Really enjoyed the work we did in sessions, and listening to CDs was enjoyable and worthwhile too. I now have various techniques to help my confidence, calmness and mood and feel that these will be long lasting.


C Barker


Physical Anxiety

At last I have found someone who understood the symptoms I was experiencing and what was causing them. I no longer felt alone in this ‘silly’ situation I had got myself into and was confident that Sharrie was the one to help me “put things right.”



Chronic Illness and Pain

It has enabled me to lead as normal as possible a life since becoming ill. I wasn’t sleeping and was having irrational thought processes but, through both sessions and the CDs, my sleeping pattern has returned to normal and I’m able to face everyday situations. Thank you for everything. I would recommend Hypnotherapy and Coaching etc, from Sharrie, for anyone who is struggling.

S Hodges



Weight Reduction

Although I originally contacted Sharrie concerning weight loss the work we’ve done together has helped me to deal with a lot of challenging situations in my life. I really enjoy the hypnotherapy sessions and having the benefit of being able to use the CDs in my own time between sessions has been hugely beneficial. Her no-nonsense down-to-earth approach makes sessions feel very straightforward word and each piece of work is usually accompanied by written hand-outs or other very well researched material. I can easily recommend Sharrie to anybody looking for help with the conditions that she treats.



Low Mood
My sessions with Sharrie have helped me get on with my life instead of worrying what might happen in the future. They also helped to get rid of past resentments and not hold on to anger. I particularly liked that on the first session you discuss what you want and where you want to be and Sharrie gives you an overview of what will happen. Then you decide how you want to proceed.

Wendy T



Anger Management

The sessions we have had have helped me to think more rationally and clearly about situations which would have previously got me stressed and cross and possibly ‘explode’. I’d like to thank you for helping me with my issues and giving me the tools and confidence to better control my anger at all times.

Richard M


Bereavement and Sleep

Helped me to relax and sleep again. Stopped me having terrible dream. The main thing helping me deal with the loss of my husband and making me realise that I still have a future and to think of the positive things in life Sharrie is kind, caring and very compassionate, giving me time to confide to her all my worries. Very professional, well qualified and absolutely my saviour, helping me to carry on. I would recommend Sharrie to anyone who has a problem with dealing with stress, anxiety etc. Thank you Sharrie.

 Kathy Singleton


Treatment Recovery and Immune System

After I finished breast cancer treatment I struggled to get back to full strength due to a series of debilitating viruses. It seemed as though my immune system was very weak and each time I shook off one virus I’d catch another. This was affecting my energy levels and my ability to do my work. Sharrie did some hypnotherapy sessions with me aimed at boosting the immune system. After the very first session I experienced a boost to my energy levels and since then my immune system has become much stronger. Having the CD to listen to at home also helped reinforce the positive effects.  As well as the hypnotherapy sessions Sharrie taught me some breathing and relaxation techniques which complemented the other work we were doing. I still listen to the CD and practice the relaxation techniques which I find beneficial.

Clare Stevens

Phobia – Driving

I had a phobia of driving going back years to when I crashed my first car on the motorway. I used to dread getting in the car and would do anything to avoid driving. Sharrie helped me address this through hypnotherapy sessions and relaxation exercises. After the very first session I noticed a change in my attitude, and now I have reached a stage where I look forward to getting in the car and am driving every day! Sharrie helped me set myself a series of challenges starting with the least scary and building up. I have found it helpful to tackle this phobia in stages and am working my way through the goals I have set myself. Sharrie explained in easy to understand language how the body reacts to stress and how mind and body interact to cause anxiety. I was having an anxiety response when I was driving but the hypnotherapy and the relaxation exercises have helped with this. She is very understanding and non-judgemental.


Frances Perkins


Habits – Nail Biting

I’ve bitten my nails for as long as I can remember and lost count of the number of times I’ve tried to stop. In just a few – enjoyable – sessions, think Hypno succeeded in significantly increasing my awareness of the habit which, in turn, gave me the determination and confidence to give it up. Sharrie blends excellent listening skills with a well-developed ability to communicate and influence – its a powerful and very effective combination.

Michael Stein


Stress, Anxiety and Confidence
Working with Sharrie has helped me gain perspective in my life. I am better able to make judgements and I am more focused. Sharrie helped me to step back from my life and look at my stressors objectively. I have gained in confidence and have improved my ability to stay calm in difficult situations. I now have a ‘tool box’ of practical ways to deal with life.


H Hallows


IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

I went to see Sharrie because I had suffered from IBS for many years. After just a few sessions with her, my symptoms have subsided dramatically and I would have no hesitation in recommending Sharrie for treatment such as she gave to me.



Anxiety, Agoraphobia and Depression

I have suffered with anxiety, agoraphobia and depression for many years. The symptoms had become all consuming and it had become difficult to function. I felt like I was in a nightmare and could not wake up. Following the first hypnotherapy session with Sharrie I felt calmer and a lot more positive, actually believing that my mental health could improve. The sessions gave me a wonderful sense of relaxation which was a welcome relief from the anxiety and slowly but surely I was able to achieve this state of relaxation at home listening to the various CD’s provided by Sharrie. I now feel that I have made a solid start to challenging my negative thoughts and I have the tools to manage my anxiety more effectively. Sharrie helps you to feel at ease very quickly in safe and comfortable surroundings.

Julie Kirk


Stress and Anxiety

I was very stressed, due to organising a wedding, having extensive renovation work on my house, and stepping up as the Manager at work. A lot of stress in a very short time! The sessions I had, allowed me to stop panicking and put things into perspective. Realise what was important, that if a few things slipped that it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I can now sit back and manage my emotions better. I still get stressed and; feel anxious, but I can recognise it now, stop and think about if it’s really necessary. I have the tools to cope better now.
The service was discreet and Sharrie put me at ease, and made me realise my feelings were perfectly normal. It was just a matter of managing the situation I was in. I would recommend spending time on the homework, as this really helped. It’s not an overnight magical cure, but makes you realise that you can manage your own issues with a little help from Sharrie and more effort on your part.




Depression, Self-Esteem and Weight Loss

I have suffered with depression, low self esteem and weight issues for many years. I sought help through my doctor and counselling, but always seemed to be hovering just above a massive black hole. I went to see Sharrie as a last resort, not expecting anything to change. Well, what a shock, everything did change. Sharrie explained how she could help, showed me tools and techniques to use on a daily basis to help me manage my mood and feelings. Sharrie helped me to understand I need to manage my wellbeing on a daily basis and gave me CDs to listen to which actually helped. Since seeing Sharrie my self esteem has improved, the black hole is the size of a pinhead and I am learning to love and live life again. My weight is no longer a problem, I am still overweight, but using the tools and techniques given to me by Sharrie, I have started to lose weight and keep it off.



Weight Reduction and Life Coaching

I have learned techniques from Sharrie and from listening to the different CDs that have enabled me to be a more calm and relaxed person. Through sharing personal information with Sharrie she has made me realise that there are other areas of my life that need sorting out before I can contemplate losing weight. From the first session with Sharrie I found her very approachable and easy to talk to. She gives great advice and helpful solutions to problems.



Stress Management and Life Coaching

I visited Sharrie when I felt all aspects of my life were running out of control, and I felt helpless and unable to make order from anything. I had a number of sessions where we worked on various stress reduction techniques, positive thinking, Empowerment, Time management, and over the course of a couple of months the work I did with her transformed my world. I felt in control again, and able to make some very difficult life changing decisions with clarity, confidence and conviction. Since then I have changed my working life, re-located, addressed the balance between work and my family, and am now able to enjoy life again. I can’t say enough about how much Sharrie and the sessions I had with her have impacted on my happiness – life feels unrecognisable now.


Anxiety and Stress Management

My time with Sharrie was invaluable, it has helped me put my issues and Emotions into perspective and think in a more rational way. Talking to someone who is not involved in my daily life allowed me to be honest about how I feel and through lots of talking and thinking I understand more about myself and the way that I tick. I am more able to control my emotions and relax, I have strategies in place to manage stressful situations. It is good to know that there is somewhere that I can go when I feel I need to share difficult or sensitive issues, just talking in a non judgmental environment takes the weight off my shoulders.



Life Coaching

Working together helped me identify what I really need from my life at the moment and that even though certain situations are unsure I can still be pro-active and make my life easier. Additionally realising that I don’t really want to let go of some situations was a good revelation and relief in a way. I also found the CD’s useful. Thank You!



Motivation and Procrastination

It gave me another way to look at the issues I was facing and formulate a pragmatic action plan. The sessions provided a way to step away from the everyday and in providing a way to relax helped me move forward to where I wanted to be. Sharrie is very good at teasing out the issues and approaching them in a collaborative ‘can do’ manner. She inspires confidence and helps you to think that you can succeed.

L Keith


Migraines, Panic Attacks and Sleep

Before attending my sessions I had a lot of issues with stress, migraines and panic attacks, sometimes even preventing me from leaving the house. From the first session I became brighter, happier and healthier overall. My panic attacks have not ceased completely but I now know how to recognise the onset and actually stop them from becoming a full attack. I very rarely suffer with any of my aforementioned issues, Sharrie has even helped me sleep regularly and well (her CD’s are a god send!). Since my last session I have improved my life tenfold, I am more motivated, have gained new employment and a new direction and I feel comfortable in my own skin again. I couldn’t have achieved any of this without my sessions with Sharrie! Sharrie’s approach is very comforting and helpful, she provides a great insight into issues and has a friendly and positive demeanor. Personally, I found the best thing about the sessions were sharrie’s fact sheets and ability to explain the biology and psychology behind my issues, as this helped me to understand and prevent what was happening.



Stress Management

I have been able to reduce my stress levels considerably and have been given the tools to continue this process for myself.  The cds are particularly useful in keeping my stress levels at a manageable level.  I have also found the CBT techniques very useful. I found your approach professional, non-judgemental, warm, knowledgeable and genuine.  Thank you very much for your help, you have enabled me to make some significant progress in improving my quality of life. I would definitely recommend you to other people needing help.


Julie Brown


Social and Performance Anxiety

Very professional and reassuring during the hypnosis sessions. The CDs are very helpful for relaxation. I found the breathing exercises helped me to calm down. Lots of tips and good advice to help control negative thoughts and anxiety.

John R


Obsessive Thoughts/Habits

In general terms, I’d say at both the emotional and the logical level, it’s had a profound impact. At the emotional level, it’s given me back my peace of mind, and a sense that I can relax again. I’m nowhere near as angst-filled or as stressed as I used to be, and I’m left with the feeling of liberation. At the logical level, it’s given me methods of controlling bad habits and of understanding all the bad mental habits I’d formed, and why they were affecting me. It’s given me the tools I need to help myself in future. Just a simple thanks! As I say, I feel kind of liberated and that I’ve gotten my life back once again.

Mark Newton 


Weight Loss

I approached Think Hypno for help with overeating and was impressed with how personalised the approach was and how Sharrie quickly uncovered the issues that were leading to my problem.  Sharrie has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in psychology and hypnotherapy as well as the ability to use tools such as NLP and CBT so that she can tailor your programme to make it specific to your particular needs. I felt this approach got much speedier and long lasting results than a “one size fits all” approach of many other hypnotherapists. Thanks to Sharrie I now handle stress so much better, have greater self esteem, and have taken back control of my eating. I feel much happier and healthier both physically and mentally.


Debbie from Radcliffe on Trent 


Fear of Hospital Procedure

The sessions I had enabled me to get through a hospital procedure that on previous occasions I had issues with. This was achieved by employing the various techniques that Sharrie taught me which were complimented with her cd’s. Furthermore they are tools which I can now use on an ongoing basis to help with stress reduction and relaxation. Sharrie only employed the number of sessions that were necessary to achieve what she felt would be of benefit to me. I thank her for the benefical help I received.



Stop Smoking

The work allowed me to understand why I smoked and the ways in which to change my thoughts and combat this. I can say now with confidence that I really don’t know why people smoke when there is a way out of this debilitating habit. I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone who has had enough of smoking and wishes to start living life smoke fee.



Fear of Dentist

Working with Sharrie has minimised my ‘gag reflex’ and enabled me to have a long-delayed dental x-ray. The CDs and relaxation techniques are also helping in other stressful areas of my life. A big thank-you to Sharrie.

K Thornhill 


Weight Loss

The biggest thing to me is being able to eat what I want, nothing is forbidden, the way both my wife and I eat our evening meal, no more sitting infront of the T.V. has also helped. I never feel hungry at late evening now, because I’ve enjoyed what I had earlier. I feel a lot happier with my life in general, my wife (who still doesn’t know I was seeing you) says I have changed over the last few months and I’m a nicer person to be around. Many many thanks.

S. J. Wildgoose 


Fear of Flying

The sessions have made feel in greater control of my anxieties and that I am “the master of my own thoughts”. Therefore, why worry about something that has not and might not happen. Identifying when you were feeling stressed and had high levels of anxiety was very useful as the techniques helped. Relaxing my muscles, especially my shoulders and legs were an important tool. Breathing techniques, i.e. through your stomach muscles were of great help. I downloaded the cd’s onto my ipod and I listened to them before and during my 14 hour flight. They helped me to relax and I did not take a sleeping tablet for the first time in a couple of years! In fact I managed to sleep! The hypnotherapy sessions in the office were very relaxing and I was made to feel at ease by Sharrie. Even just talking about my fear helped me. It hasn’t completely eliminated my fear of flying but I feel in so much more control.



Weight Loss

I found the way you worked closely with me in an understanding, non-judgemental way, taking the time to understand the drivers behind my weight issues rather than just using a stock, default treatment programme, worked really well. I was able to be honest with you and felt confident anything I told you would be used in a positive way to influence my progress. You picked out key issues such as my predisposition for negativity, which you dealt with very effectively using NLP and this has helped me tremendously in my daily life, not just with weight loss. I feel confident that the tools and techniques you have given me, both consciously and subconsciously, will stay with me for life and for that I am very grateful. Your personable approach and friendly repartee, aligned with your obvious talent for hypnosis and NLP make you a real asset to anyone considering hypnotherapy.





It has made me a lot more rational and more able to sleep soundly!! Sharrie made me feel completely at ease immediately. I would recommend her without hesitation – thanks Sharrie!




Interview and Assessment Centre Preparation

With the hypnosis and relaxation techniques I felt very well prepared for my interviews and assessment day. They gave me an added edge! Sharrie is a true professional, highly recommended.




I had been suffering from severe eczema for about a year which was made worse because I couldn’t get to sleep at nights because of the itching. I’d spend hours awake every night just scratching. After only one session with Sharrie and listening to the CD she gave me, when I went to bed, I was literally asleep within 5 minutes. This continued every night and after only four weeks my eczema had started to heal amazingly quickly. After six weekly sessions we reduced the sessions to one a month and in these sessions Sharrie now works with me to come up with ways to help me learn to cope with the stresses in my life.


Pat P


Social Anxiety

Having the CDs to keep has been a big help. I feel more confident and like going into the gym now. I’ve done more social things than before. I’m doing new things everyday and before I couldn’t do anything.



Alcohol Dependence

The work I did with Sharrie has had a profound effect on my life.  I’m more confident and have become empowered to take action in the areas of my life that I really needed to. I also have tools and techniques for life that I can refer to and use in every situation to help me when I need it.



Confidence and Personal Relationships

I visited Sharrie during the break-up of my marriage. The sessions took place in a relaxing atmosphere. Whilst being very professional, Sharrie was gentle and sympathetic in her approach. She helped change my life by empowering me with the confidence to make a positive transition to my new life. Think Hypno has made such a positive difference to my life. Sharrie’s professional yet gentle style gave me the clarity and confidence to regain control and follow through with life-changing actions. By continuing to listen to my CDs I’ve managed to keep these changes in my life without conscious effort.




Public Speaking and Personal Relationships

Working with Sharrie has helped me in so many ways in my personal life and in relation to work. With her guidance and support I have learnt how important it is to relax, to focus on the positive and to believe in myself. My confidence has grown, as has the belief that anything is possible, if I put my mind to it. My fear of public speaking has diminished and I am learning to be more assertive in my personal relationships. Sharrie has the ability to put you at ease and to tease out the real source of your problems. She is altogether approachable, personable and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to give, in support of her clients. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone. The things I have learnt, during our consultations, and on reflection at home, have helped me change my approach to life for the better!




Weight Reduction

The work I did with Sharrie has enabled me to fulfil my dream, by providing me with skills/techniques I will continue to use thoughout my life. She has helped me achieve my potential, learn new things about myself, challenge some crooked thinking and become more relaxed. Sharrie is professional, empathetic and most importantly non judgemental. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to others.


C Woods



Redundancy and Stress Management

I found myself in a very difficult place – almost on the brink of a nervous breakdown, due to pressures both in my personal life and at work / business. About to be made redundant, I had financial issues, and living on my own these issues were compounded. I had emotional troubles and it was only when my doctor prescribed some sort of tranquilizer and put me on the “sick”, that I realised I was ill and needed help to get through all the trauma in my life. I was on a downward spiral and needed help to get off. A series of sessions with Sharrie gave me direction. Sharrie helped me to see the future, not as a blur, not as something I was stumbling into blindly, but one of choices that were mine to make. Sharrie helped me prioritise and to put issues where they belonged. We started with a goal. What did I want to achieve and went on from there. Sharrie helped me believe in myself and to recover self-confidence. Since then I have felt much brighter about the future, more able to cope with pressures, and able to be strong and find the path that’s right for me. No more feeling guilty. No more feeling unworthy, no more feeling at the end of the road. Instead I wake up and feel good about the day ahead ready to tackle whatever. I needed help and it was there. What you have to do is reach out and try it. It may feel uncomfortable at first and you may feel like a failure. But you have to take the first steps yourself. Sharrie has a wonderful professional yet friendly persona. At no time did I feel uneasy. I felt I could disclose my deepest fears and sharing them and facing them with Sharrie as a guide has helped me go forward. I strongly recommend anyone who is unsure whether or not it’s for them, and who needs an objective yet human guide to help, to contact Sharrie and see for themselves.




Stop Smoking

I approached Sharrie Manno on a recommendation from a friend, as I wanted to stop smoking. Sharrie was extremely helpful and very open. I had smoked for 50 years and although I was controlling it to 5/6 per day she truthfully pointed out that it could be harder for me to stop than someone who smoked 20 plus a day. I was fairly sceptical regarding hypnosis. However it is now almost 9 months since Sharrie’s session and I haven’t smoked since. That really says it all. I would recommend Sharrie to treat any situation where hypnosis could be helpful. I found her pleasant, professional, and above all truthful regarding the hypnosis treatment, and how it works.









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